Тутэйшыя (Tuteishiya)

Style: Rock

About: "Tuteishiya" was formed in 2014. Finally, formed in the late summer of 2015. Until now, the future participants acted separately. The team performed only their music (with rare exceptions) in the Belarusian language. Style country, folk, pop-rock. We are planning a professional recording.

The composition of the group:
Vocals, flute, guitar - Tatsiana Kazanovich
Beck vocals, shaker - Kseniya Horoshkevich
Guitar - Andrei Popkov
Percussion - Constantine Zvalinski
Bass Guitar - Sergey Horoshkevich

Website: https://vk.com/tutband

Participant's history:
Gatvės muzikos diena 2017

  • Vilnius B.Radvilaitės g., 19 - 20