Street music day (translation from Lithuanian – Gatvės muzikos diena, for short – GMD) – traditionally organized on the third Saturday of May is the day when professional musicians and amateurs come out to perform in Vilnius streets, courtyards and squares. They play rock, classical, jazz, avant-garde, folklore, African rhythms, perform various music related performances with various musical instruments (even heaters). Other movements of street art are joining the music. The Street music day team has a big dream about making it the celebration of music, street culture, community and freedom of creativity.

It all started in 2007, when a singer and creator of Street music day Andrius Mamontovas emailed to musicians from Vilnius asking flock the streets and play music. Since then, roughly 5000 participants join Street music day every year. Traditionally, every Street music day is finished with “Drum2gether” – percussion parade and improvisation open to all.

Street music day spread across communities of Lithuanians in foreign countries – celebration was organized in Copenhagen, Sicily, Paris, Punsk, Los Angeles, Tallinn, York, Nottingham, Barnsley, Connecticut, Bergen, Innsbruck, London.

Street music day spread abroad and is independently organized in Riga, Minsk, Tbilisi, Dublin. Armenia, Georgia, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Latvia.

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